Stream... Meta... Context...? is not intended to be sexy or exciting; but it is a sincere fun-da-mental invitation to practical peace and sustainable productivity in daily living, here and now:

"Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them."

David Allen

Making more sense: "Meta-skills are not specific to any particular subject or field but are broadly applicable across various domains. For example, emotional intelligence, communication, critical thinking, self-regulation, and problem-solving. By investing in your meta-skills, you’ll become more adaptable, resilient, and self-reliant, allowing you to more easily navigate and succeed in our ever-changing world."

Your thinking is not the problem!

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Mental Confetti

Paradoxically, mindfulness refers to a fulness in which the mind is effortlessly empty.

Practical daily living, in my personal experience, can involve lots of "stuff":

In the past I easily got tired and disappointed;
I often referred to that inner state as mental confetti. 

Business & Spirituality

Since decades I am fascinated with "productivity" and the nature of our natural mind; it is such a broad and rewarding field of exploration.

Practical daily living in this world, and "spirituality" are not two.

What do I really want?

There is only one Reality, and depending on our attitude we either suffer or enjoy experience.

We can freely talk for hours about no-thing at the to clarify and experience our shared being.

Money without ego...

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"Keep it simple sweetie." 

Some humor does help ( and the gift of looking beyond the hate-love for computer/culture (